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We  TRUMAS METROLOGY are manufacturing Precision   Measuring Instruments like Shaft Measuring Machine, Bench Centre in horizontal and vertical, Gear PCD measuring instrument, Portable Depth gauge, Bridge Depth gauge, Comparator stand and Special purpose Instruments. 

Shaft  measuring systems are  designed to work almost exclusively with turned parts. Shaft measuring systems are best used with parts having tolerences in 1 to 10 microns.  

 Shaft measuring systems are compete with handheld gauges on one side and CMMs on other. Compared with gauges, dedicated shaft measuring systems offer a much grater degree of efficiency in that they can make  a number of checks with a single setup and a single scan. There also is less operator involvement and greater accuracy.

CMMs are generally found in dedicated measurement centers or in metrology labs, shaft measuring systems are, by and large, robust enough to operate on the shop floor within easy reach of production equipment,combined with faster measurement speeds and the number of parts can be checked  during production run and improves process control.

Measuring systems of TRUMAS METROLOGY  are a good option for industries that produce a variety of parts in shorter runs and require both flexibility and ease of use in their measuring system.Typical parts measured on our measuring systems include crank shafts ,cam shafts, gear shafts, toothed racks,  outer races, hollo shafts, drive shafts, pump shafts, motor shafts and many.Our products are easy to use and can be located in shop floor while providing high measuring accuracy. 

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Shaft Measuring Machine
Bench Center
Vertical Bench Center
Gear PCD Measuring Instrument
Comparator Stand

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